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The Earl Skip Cooper Foundation is dedicated to providing young people with
youth resources and support to reach their full potential. Our mission is to ensure that
young people have access to the education and services they need to succeed in life.

Get Connected LA

Low-cost internet services and computers for Angelenos distance learning, working remotely, job hunting, or staying connected while 'safer at home.'

Get Connected Los Angeles

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YouthSource Centers

YouthSource Centers help kids 16-24 years old complete diplomas, go to college, get mentoring, train for stable employment and get jobs.

Find a YouthSource Center

LA Youth at Work

If you are between the ages of 16 and 24, our workshops will teach you what employers want and provide practice interviews with professional mentors.

LA Youth at Work

Hire LA's Youth

Hire LA’s Youth will help you prepare for a summer or year round job. We will help you write your resume, practice interviews and learn how to manage the money you will be earning.

Hire LA's Youth

Youth Job Seekers

Hire LA's Youth applicants can attend online job trainings to help build a profile, upload a resume, and apply for the right job with just one click!

ZipRecruiter + Hire LA's Youth

EWDD’s network of 14 YouthSource centers provide young Angelenos ages 14 to 24 years the support

and resources they need to succeed in school and life.

The centers are strategically located in the City’s underserved neighborhoods. Services and programs are offered in multiple languages.

The YouthSource programs are designed to help young Angelenos who are not in school and not working find the classes

they need to graduate, get on the path to receive a high school diploma and pursue higher education.

There are also opportunities for paid internships, occupational skills training and job readiness programs.

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College Resources


- Our Opportunities -

Welcome to the UCLA Financial Aid

and Scholarships Registered Student Application!

More to Come


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Regain focus while studying, because it will only burn you out in the end. College students’ attention spans are substantially declining after the effects of COVID and the rise of social media platforms with 10-60 second videos as content. There is no question that students today have the world’s answers at their fingertips, but with this potential knowledge comes a potential distraction.

While phones may be the root of this distraction, studies show that students may experience a lack of focus due to overcompensating during their study time.   Read Full Article>>

Using Mobile Phones

Entrepreneurs under 20

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Meet Kheris Rogers

Kheris’ mission is to empower confidence with her clothing line Flexin’ In My Complexion, which she was inspired to create after being teased for her dark complexion in school in Los Angeles.

“Beauty has nothing to do with the outside,” Kheris said. “It has to do with your inside by being nice, smart, creative. Being beautiful means confidently knowing that you’re enough just the way you are. When I look at myself in the mirror, I say nice things like, ‘I am smart. I am kind. I am confident.’ It’s empowering.”

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Meet Gabby Goodwin

Meet our 15-year old CEO, GaBBY, and her mom, Rozalynn, our Founder.

Nobody likes losing things they love. When then 7-year-old GaBBY and her mom Rozalynn realized that GaBBY’s favorite barrettes were disappearing faster than they could be replaced, they invented the first and patented Double-Face Double Snap Barrette.

The information herein is from various sources. ESCF is not responsible for, or guarantees any outcome for content. 

ESCF strongly  encourages the reader to check the content thoroughly for its validity

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