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My Very Special Purpose in Life

Heavenly Father,

I know you have truly blessed me with a

very special purpose in life,

because I go to bed every night and wake every

morning, with you in my heart to always

help others live a better life.

I know this is my very special purpose of life.

In the name of your son and my savior, Jesus Christ.

I thank you very much for my very special blessing.

I pray you are not through with me yet.

I'm committed to you, and I will always serve.

My very special purpose in life.

Helping others forever as long as I live.


Earl “Skip” Cooper II

“The World Needs Greater Humanity”

“Today and forever the world needs greater humanity”

Compassion, caring, sympathy empathy, and respect

for all genders of human life. 

Respect for all ethnicities. Elimination of bigotry hatred, and racism   

More sharing, kindness, and love for everyone.

The world does not need costly wars of mass destruction and weapons that can destroy the entire world loss of human

lives loss of families, destroying homes, towns, and cities killing crimes against mankind and causing the creation of humanitarian crises.

Man needs to build stronger nations of infrastructure.

Educational institutions, and hospitals that will care for the physically sick, mentally impaired, and physically challenged.

Nations need to build for future generations

feed the hungry, house the homeless, clothe the naked, and address global warming.


We need pride in our ethnicities and race.

Regardless of a person’s ethnicity, race, or Godly religion, a person should be judged by their character,

because we are all members of the human race regardless of complexion.

Earl “Skip” Cooper II

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If  you  truly have  God  in your heart,

you will  not  fill  lonely


If you have God in your heart you will fill joy


You will never feel lonely if you have

God in your heart


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A "Skip" Cooper Renditon

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